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WorldCard Mobile for Symbian Activation


Please run WorldCard Mobile and click Aboutto get the Dev ID and the software version.

Step 2

Fill out the Registration Form below, including the Dev ID, Product S/N, E-mail, and choose Software version and click OK.」
[Note]: Where is the Product S/N?

If you bought the software at our online store, you will receive the Product S/N after your credit card is properly charged. If you do not receive your Product S/N, please contact us.
[Note]: A Product S/N can be used to register one device one time only.

Fill out this Registration Form. You will receive your Reg Code immediately:

Activation Form

Dev ID: - - - -
Product S/N:
Software version:

Step 3

After you’ve submitted the information correctly, you will get a Reg Codeimmediately. You must enter this Reg Codein your WorldCard Mobile software and click Register.After registration has been completed, your WorldCard software is registered and fully functional without any time restrictions.