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Good Design Award for WorldCard Ultra plus & WorldCard Mac plus

Our products, WorldCard Ultra plus and WorldCard Mac plus, have bagged the Good Design Award for 2010 from the JIDPO (Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization).

Every manufacturer dreams of outselling their competitors. We too had the same dream when we stepped into the world of OCR, BCR, handwriting recognition and security technologies. From a fledgling company, we have come a long way into the world of business card readers and security products. But this award pilots us to a new level, bringing us international fame and recognition.
The Good Design Awards is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organized by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO). Established in 1957, the Good Design Awards have been given to outstanding designs for more than 50 years. The Award is an international honor that crowns the best and most distinguished of designs in the manufacturing world. Penpower Inc is proud to be part of the distinguished design manufacturers.
WorldCard Ultra plus & WorldCard Mac plus: WorldCard Ultra plus and WorldCard Mac plus are recent products from Penpower. They carry the same features/functionalities except for support for Mac and Windows in WorldCard Mac plus.
Super-cool gadgets in ultra-portable fashion, both WorldCard Ultra plus and WorldCard Mac plus can convert business cards into digital format in seconds. They come with multi-language recognition technology, dedicated software for business scanning and high-speed scanning/organization of data onto your computer. With them, you can sync your scanned data with popular clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, Excel, Access, Salesforce, Lotus and similar other software. WorldCard Mac plus is distinct because it comes with special support for Macintosh as well as Windows. With Mac plus, you can scan, send and export data to your iPhone, iPad or iPod in no time.
The best part of both the products is the ultra-smart, eber-cool design. They are compact, handy and highly portable. They are stylish and small-framed scanners that will sit sleek on your desk, at home or office. While Ultra plus comes in black matte finish, while Mac plus sports a cool, Mac-white color frame. Visually appealing and functionally amazing, WorldCard Ultra plus and WorldCard Mac plus stunned the judges at Good Design Awards.
Here's what the Good Design Award Jury had to say about the product:
“When not in use, this scanner is of a simple design. For use, the upward tilt of the card slot and the design of the scanner itself both function to make inserting the card easier. The most notable design feature is the black used for the unit itself and the orange used for the card slot, which provides a clear, distinct symmetry“
Penpower has been indulged in developing business products of various kinds. We have been into the iPhone app market with our most famous apps, WorldCard Mobile and WorldCard Contacts. To know more about our products, visit our website .