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WorldCard Contacts iPhone App Replaces Native Contact App for Business Users

The new WorldCard Contacts iPhone application from Penpower Inc updates the feature limited contacts app that is pre-installed the iPhone and allows users to tie business card images to individual contacts for faster information management. 
Fremont, CA – Penpower Inc, creators of the highly popular mobile business card scanning software “WorldCard Mobile,” launched this week their newest contact management tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch called “WorldCard Contacts.”  WorldCard Contacts is designed to replace the existing contacts manager in the devices, and adds new features specially designed for business users.
“The existing contact management application on the iPhone is very limited”, said Dr. Tsay, CEO of PenPower Inc. “there is no way to group contacts together, or to deal with visual information like business cards.” WorldCard Contacts is designed to solve those issues with a number of features including:
WorldCard Contacts is designed to work both independently or hand in hand with the WorldCard Mobile business card reader for the iPhone also produced by Penpower. WorldCard Mobile is an OCR based business card scanning program that recognizes text from photographed business cards and inputs them into your contacts. With WorldCard Contacts you have quick access to both the visual and text versions of the contacts information.
WorldCard Contacts is available in the business category of the iTunes App Store for $5.99 in the business category, and runs on the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.