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WorldCard Ultra Wins Best Choice Product Design-Innovation Idea Design Award 2008

FREMONT, Calif.—(U.S. ASIAN WIRE)— Affirmation of innovations featured in Penpower Inc.’s WorldCard Ultra continues with the business card scanner winning the Product Design-Innovative Idea Design Best Choice 2008 Award at the Taipei Computex International Expo on June 3, 2008. WorldCard Ultra was lauded by a professional jury on the basis of overall design, creativity, and commercial practicality.
The award continues a string of international accolades merited by WorldCard Ultra, which includes the 2008 Red Dot Design Award presented by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfahlen as well as the 2007 iF Product Design Award in Germany. Both honors confirm excellence in product functionality and creative design of the WorldCard Ultra.
Developed in collaboration with Taiwan's top industrial design firm DEM Inc., Penpower took the Postbox concept in ergonomics to a new level. With a dustcover that doubles as an anti-slip mat, LED indicators and fully-automatic button-less operation, WorldCard Ultra offers users a more convenient solution easily operated with just one hand. The external styling also breaks with tradition as well, with curved lines and a stylish mix of black and orange.
The award-winning business card scanner also offers 3-second file creation, intuitive business card management, and integration with mobile business applications. Externally, WorldCard Ultra now offers both aesthetics and ingenuity.
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