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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

WorldPenScan BT v3.6.x(Windows,MacOS X 10.6 or later,Android 2.3 or later)

Question:How to upgrade the WorldPenScan BT firmware?

1. Please make sure the WorldPenScan BT software has been installed on the computer, then plug the WorldPenScan BT hardware into the USB port.
2. Please access the following link to download the WorldPenScan BT firmware file.
3. Double click the WorldPenScan BT firmware file, see the screen shot below, click [Upgrade] to continue.
4. Refer to the following screen shot, please make sure it’s upgraded from 3.17 version to 3.18 version.
5. Click [Start] button to upgrade. Please don’t close the program or unplug the hardware in the process. If [Start] button cannot be clicked, that means the WorldPenScan BT hardware  can’t be detected by the computer. Please check the WorldPenScan BT software has been installed on the computer, and check the WorldPenScan BT has been connected to USB port.
6. When it shows “Update complete – click Exit” message, which means the WorldPenScan BT has completed the upgrade, clicking [Exit] button to finish, and then shut the WorldPenScan BT down (Press the function key until the light goes out) to complete the upgrade process.

7. When the upgrade process is completed, if the WorldPenScan BT cannot connect successfully via Bluetooth, please remove the paired device from the Bluetooth device list. Refer to the “How to paired and connect Bluetooth” FAQ, and match the WorldPenScan BT and Bluetooth again.
8. In addition, if there is any abnormality occurred during operations, hold down the function key for about 15 seconds without letting it go while the WorldPenScan BT is still running. After the blue light goes out, it lights on again for a while, and then you can release the function key. Following the steps above to re-upgrade the firmware program, try it.