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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

WorldCard Pro (Windows/Mac)

Question:My WorldCard Pro / Ultra Plus has been installed on my Windows computer, but the WorldCard software shows the scanner is not connected, what can I do?

Please refer to the following steps to install the latest version of the WorldCard software, this version is optimized for the scanner connection issue, which can solve the problem of the scanner is not connected after installation or after using for some time:
Step 1: Download the latest version of the WorldCard software:
Step 2: Remove the card scanner and uninstall the current Worldcard software, then reboot.
Step 3: Please use the Windows system administrator account to login and install the downloaded WorldCard software; and reboot again after the installation is complete.
Step 4: After connecting to the card scanner, the system will automatically detect and install the driver. After the installation is complete, please open the Worldcard software to confirm.
Note: If the computer is equipped with anti-virus software, please disable it temporarily and then install WorldCard software.